Author: TC Callis

With a BSc in Nutritional Therapy, TC has worked for government in the area of food safety and standards regulation. While there she noted that UK government nutrition policy is not always as robustly up to date as it could be. TC then worked for the food industry, where she advised on the practical application of the food safety and standards regulations and lobbied government on a number of nutrition related issues. She is currently working on a book about nutrition for healthcare practitioners which is intended to address some of the imbalances in nutrition awareness among primary care practitioners. If you wish to contact TC please email

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UK government obesity strategy: epic failure

TC Callis
Large tummy and large bottom

The government is claiming that these pieces of legislation will create healthier eating out and shopping experiences, reduce obesity rates and improve the health of the UK population.But will it really make the UK a healthier place?

The Big Fat Myth

TC Callis

Health professionals, the food industry and government public health messaging have been telling us to avoid fat for decades.

Is being vegan good for you?

TC Callis
Veganuary, Photo by Roam In Color on Unsplash

In her latest article Teece Callis asks if veganism is good for you. She highlights some difficulties arising from adopting a vegan diet.

Fermenting Food For Health

TC Callis
Selection of pickles in jars

For thousands of years human beings have been fermenting the food and drink they consume as a means to preserve and enhance them.


Healthy Eating on a Limited Budget

TC Callis

Most people know that vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fats are important for our overall health, but, again, they may not know the details about why. These substances are known as micro-nutrients because we need them in really small amounts, but those small amounts pack a mighty punch. They are so important that the World Health Organisation calls them “magic wands” because they give the body what it needs to grow, develop, and function properly.