Author: Roger Boaden

Roger Boaden and his wife retired to France in 2002 after both suffered serious health problems. Roger had worked for the Conservative Party for 30 years, holding a number of senior posts, including the organisation and management of General Election Campaign Tours for Edward Heath (3) and Margaret Thatcher (3). After leaving the Party’s employment in 1988 he successful directed the campaign for revising the laws on Sunday Trading. Since settling in France he has been involved in campaigns for restoring voting rights for those who have been disenfranchised; trying to stop the withdrawal of the Winter Fuel Payments from many who needed it in France in particular; and serves on the Steering Team of British in Europe which has campaigned long and hard for citizens’ rights since the Referendum vote. He is looking forward to the Votes for Life battle ahead.


Healthcare In France – A Comparison With the NHS

Roger Boaden
French tricolor with syringe and stethoscope

Around two-thirds of the costs of the treatments are met via the CPAM – Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie – for which we have what is known as a “Carte Vitale”. That is the part which the French Government claims from the UK to meet my costs. The remaining third is covered by taking out a mutual insurance policy – a “Mutuelle” – for which we pay €4 604,40 per annum (£3 935.38).