Author: Philippe Bassett

Philippe, a dual British/French Europhile national, began his career as a graphic designer, becoming an art director, then making TV commercials before meeting his business partner and journalist wife (and mentor) to move together into television and radio production. He’s made many programmes as producer/director/writer for the five principal UK TV channels as well as in satellite TV, mainly factual but some entertainment too. He’s also been involved in movie script and finance development, working in the USA, Europe and Australia, mostly as an independent and as a senior executive within the ITV Network and for a major Berlin-based production company. Now concentrating on writing with special interests in medical & social issues as well as politics, food and fast, noisy cars (sorry, not EVs!).


Invasion and Repression 

Philippe Bassett
Garage Krantz in Molsheim today

Philippe Bassett reflects on his roots in Alsace, which has endured invasion and repression, and compares it with the experience of Ukraine.


Vive la Démocratie!

Philippe Bassett
The Assemblée Nationale with the Seine in the foreground

New author Philippe Bassett assesses the future of French politics in the wake of the recent elections, and proclaims, Vive la démocratie!