Author: Nicholas Kerr

Born 1946, south London. Attended Dulwich College 1957 – 1964. Spent six months in Hamburg, Germany, January – July 1965, as intern at North German Broadcasting (NDR). Matriculated Emmanuel College Cambridge, October 1965 to read for BA in Modern and Mediæval Languages; Graduated 1968. Taught English as a foreign language in Brussels, Belgium, 1968 – 1971 Returned to England to teach French and German in a boys grammar school in Leicester 1971 – 1974 Ordained priest in the Church of England, July 1978. After three years in Southwark Diocese, served the rest of my ministry in Rochester Diocese—the western half of historical Kent. Enthusiastic European, still reeling from the result of 2016's referendum.

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Very Light Rail

Nicholas Kerr
Dudley VLR innovation Centre near completion

The answer to the problem of reducing the cost of a light rail transit scheme could well be the use of very light rail.

The Importance of Symbols

Nicholas Kerr

Symbols surround us to such an extent that we scarcely notice them. From the beginning of 2021 many of them will begin to disappear. 

KBL Anniversary Quiz

Nicholas Kerr

To celebrate our first birthday, the KBL Anniversary Quiz recalls some of the topics we have covered over the last twelve months.


Big Poetry Weekend

Nicholas Kerr

We present two poems, plus reference to one published earlier to celebrate the big poetry weekend, in the wake of National Poetry Day

Trams Or Light Rail: Transport For Life

Nicholas Kerr
Waiting tram

Trams are efficient in a number of ways. They generally have priority over other vehicles at junctions, making them speedier than cars. They use electrical energy more efficiently, even more than the expanding fleet of electric vehicles. This is because there is less friction between steel wheel and rail than there is between rubber tyre and asphalt.