Author: Nicholas Kerr

Born 1946, south London. Attended Dulwich College 1957 – 1964. Spent six months in Hamburg, Germany, January – July 1965, as intern at North German Broadcasting (NDR). Matriculated Emmanuel College Cambridge, October 1965 to read for BA in Modern and Mediæval Languages; Graduated 1968. Taught English as a foreign language in Brussels, Belgium, 1968 – 1971 Returned to England to teach French and German in a boys grammar school in Leicester 1971 – 1974 Ordained priest in the Church of England, July 1978. After three years in Southwark Diocese, served the rest of my ministry in Rochester Diocese—the western half of historical Kent. Enthusiastic European, still reeling from the result of 2016's referendum.

The summer holidays; it’s pumpkins and corn

Nicholas Kerr

Maze Moon The summer holidays have started, and for six weeks schoolchildren and their carers have to find something to occupy their time and their minds. One local farmer near Sittingbourne has an excellent solution: he’s sown a number of fields on three sites with corn and pumpkins. The sites are at Maidstone, Lower Rainham […]


Europe’s network of roads: I’ll tak’ the e-road

Nicholas Kerr

[European routes] are not acknowledged within the United Kingdom, which already has its A, B and even occasionally C roads. Nevertheless, if you travel any distance at all in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, sooner or later you will be using or crossing an E-road.

No Trams in Kent – How Long Must We Go On Waiting?

Nicholas Kerr
Modern Tram

While urban areas across the country have been reintroducing tramways, as well as other forms of light rail, Kent has shown little sign of interest. But not none! For my idle grazing among the pages of the World Wide Web revealed two separate and unrelated schemes for tram systems in the county.