Author: Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips completed a full RN career retiring as Commander (Aircraft Engineer). Served in Falklands War (Senior engineer 10 Sea King helicopters), NATO Naples Italy (Balkans War. Greek and maritime airfields. Also President International School). Senior Naval aviation adviser Farnborough and, on retirement, senior project manager and QinetiQ Director Air Equipment. Retired to Spain 2005 and currently involved in 3 different Spanish Associations – Sailing Mar Menor (Vice Chairman), Barbershop Singers (Treasurer – my wife Anne was a singer until her death in October 2019) and Bremain in Spain (Secretary). I strongly believe that Brexit is not in the best interests of either the UK or EU and will continue to campaign for the closest links with the EU possible and for the acquired rights of UK citizens resident in the UK. I have 5 children and 11 grandchildren in Kent, Surrey and Queensland Australia.

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My Final Trip of 2021

Mike Phillips

Mike travels from Spain to Kent to discover the true effects of Brexit thus far on his family, and contemplates political change in the EU.


Bremain in Spain AGM in Málaga

Mike Phillips

Mike and Magdalena drive for five hours to attend the Bremain in Spain Annual General Meeting in Málaga. Mike recounts decisions within the meeting

Across the Pyrenees

Mike Phillips

Mike recounts his and Magdalena’s journey from Italy into Spain across the Pyrenees. On the way they stay with Debbie Williams MBE.

Budapest To Balaton

Mike Phillips

Mike relates his and Magdalena’s departure from Budapest, to go from Budapest to Balaton, the largest of Hungary’s lakes.

And So To Pécs

Mike Phillips

Pécs is impressive and, despite its history, is now a modern and bustling city. Originally settled by Romans and Celts and enduring 150 years of Ottoman occupation it has a heritage of being a multi-ethnic city and is now named as a European Capital of Culture city.

First Impression Of Hungary on Landing

Mike Phillips

Within minutes of meeting Magdalena and Bonnie (her aged, but lovely German Shepherd) the motorway took us through green countryside past fields of sunflowers ready to harvest and paprika.

Magdalena and Mike’s Travellogue – Stage 1

Mike Phillips

Our Anglo-Hungarian Adventure Begins This is the first story about two septuagenarians from different countries who have yet to meet physically but are about to embark on an adventure together. We formed a crazy plan to buy an eight-seater Japanese import car together that she would drive to her little wooden house by a lake […]