Author: Juliet Blackburn

Juliet Blackburn is the author of the book "Mandarins are for Breakfast" which is full of sailing adventures in Croatia. She also details the pitfalls and joys of buying a holiday house there. This "house with a million dollar view" sleeps up to 8 people and is available for holiday rental by the week. Please contact by text or WhatsApp on +44 7792 527521 for the book or holiday rental.

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Garden pests 2

Juliet Blackburn
No more garden pests: Hostas with no slugs

Juliet introduces us to more garden pests with which she has to do battle, and discusses varies ways of getting rid of them.


For The Good Of The World

Juliet Blackburn
A C Grayling addressing demonstrators at Downing Street

In his book Prof. Grayling calls for cooperation among the nations in combatting the challenges facing humankind, for the good of the world.



Juliet Blackburn

Juliet Blackburn reviews “Entangled Life”, Martin Sheldrake’s book about the fungi all around and within us, and upon which our life depends.

Tidal Power

Juliet Blackburn

With the British Isles surrounded by tidal water Juliet Blackburn asks, why we can’t generate electricity from the sea.