Author: John Bennett

John F Bennett has lived near Canterbury for most of his life, he has had two careers simultaneously, a Motor Engineer with an insurance company, and spent 27 years in the Army Reserve. After he retired in 2013, he travelled extensively writing travel blogs, his Army memoirs and a family history chronicling PTSD through conflict. John has an author page on Amazon online. This led to writing a series of books currently going through the publication process. The latest, his childhood memories, has a foreword written by Michael Morpurgo. John and his wife Sue have hens, cats and a daft Labrador.’

Brussels Sprouts

John Bennett

Brussels sprouts were cultivated in the 13th century in significant numbers around the area of Brussels whence their name was derived.

Autumn Was the Time For Army Exercises

John Bennett

My memory of sitting in a trench overlooking the misty plains below is tinged with satisfaction of a job well done but, in reality, the cost to the taxpayer was huge as large armies are expensive. Yes, we held the line during the Cold War, but at what cost?