Author: Jane Sheridan

Jane Sheridan grew up in the north of England. Spending her spare time in the local library reading, she dreamt of writing her own book. But driven by her other love, that of all things mathematical, she studied in London, to become a Civil Engineer, going on to become Co-Director with her Architect husband, in their own design company. But that early dream of writing hadn’t disappeared; she began writing in the evenings. Her first book, The Orchid House, has recently been published by Conrad Press. Inspired by her move to the North Downs of Kent, Jane is now working on her third novel.


Independent and sustainable: Moving from Town to Village

Jane Sheridan
View of North Downs

As I write, I’m sitting at my desk in the other bedroom, twin to the first, watching a pair of buzzards cartwheeling in the sky. The North Downs are gentle hills, the ridges defined often by trees, the valleys a place for lazy cows chewing the cud. It is peaceful, never dull, always changing.