Author: Don Adamson

Don Adamson comes from a long line of miners on both sides of the family. He has travelled to every continent except Antarctica. He met lots of mostly nice people who deserved better governments than they got. When his globetrotting days ended he served as a Coastguard Rescue Officer. His hobbies include reading, shouting abuse at the television and setting his grandchildren a bad example.


Adventures of a Coastguard

Don Adamson

It takes a special kind of person to get a kick out of being hauled out of bed in the small hours and in all weathers to deal with sometimes tricky problems. There are compensations: I shall always treasure the gleam in young eyes when, at PR gigs, I would explain, “Coastguards are the good guys. We save lives and rescue people. The best thing about us is that you get your clothes dirty, come home covered in mud and there is nothing your mother can say about it.”