Author: Charlotte Mbali

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The World in a Tent 

Charlotte Mbali
A display of oriental dance with colorful scarves

Charlotte delights in the multicultural World in a Tent festival in Ashford and bemoans the benighted attitude of the Borough Council towards such events.

Why Rwanda ?

Charlotte Mbali
Rwanda scene in Kigali

Why did Patel choose Rwanda to deport refugees to? It is an overcrowded country with few opportunities.

Youth Day: 16 June

Charlotte Mbali
The Hector Peterson Memorial in Soweto, South Africa

As South Africa celebrates Youth Day, Charlotte Mbali contemplates other public holidays and their importance in helping to define a nation.

Systems under strain

Charlotte Mbali
An emergency ambulance

Charlotte recounts the experience of using the NHS over the Jubilee weekend, with all systems under strain, including GPs and Ambulances.