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From Afghanistan To Ashford: A Refugee’s Tale

Charlotte Mbali

O came and showed me the video on his phone of his hometown. There was gunfire, and frantic individuals scattering, clutching bags and boxes, what they had been trying to sell in the town centre. He told me the name of the town which he said was the last to fall to the Taliban before Kabul.


Rebel Farmer: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Charlotte Mbali

All over the plot, various plants are flourishing side by side, rather than in segregated beds. This is known as companion planting.
Some of this is unintended. Waving his arm over a patch of rudbeckia and marigolds, Ed explained that he had intended to rotate that patch from flowers to vegetables this year, but the flowers were determined to flourish again in the same place!

Clear as mud or muck: new regulations on muck-spreading

Charlotte Mbali
clear as mud or muck

Farmers say that they are trying to do the right thing by using organic inputs (muck) rather than chemical fertilizers. It used to be a virtuous circle of the surplus from animal farming being used to improve the soil. But now this ban on autumn muck-spreading upsets this.


GUSTON Inland Border Facility July News

Charlotte Mbali

Natalie Elphicke MP, our DDC leader and our KCC leader, have released a press statement dated 2 July regarding the Inland Border Facility on the White Cliffs. This promotes a Win-Win for Dover, stating that they have achieved the necessity for two key border sites at Dover. The press release omits the information that DEFRA has withdrawn from our site, and that only a quarter of the area will now actually be used. The DfT has spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money purchasing this vast piece of agricultural land in Guston and they now find themselves needing to do so again.


Shortage of lorry drivers: PM dodges the question

Charlotte Mbali
Female Lorry Driver

One possibility is recruiting more women as drivers. This sounds like a great idea, as mature women might be steadier drivers than young males under 25. But then there are doubtless lots of the usual problems when formerly male occupations open to females, starting with lack of enough loos.