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VE day 9 May 1945

Charlotte Lebon
Field Marshall Keitel signs German surrender terms in Berlin 8 May 1945

“The Mairie was floodlit and a brass band was playing dance music to thousands of dancing couples, and young people circling with hands joined. The adjoining streets were dense with crowds, and our own car was stopped twice, and released, by gendarmes. Then to a friendly evening at the Club France-Anglais; mainly conversation, aperitifs and a little dancing.”

St George’s Day 23rd April

Charlotte Lebon

In England, 239 churches are dedicated to St George. In Kent there are churches dedicated to St George at Gravesend, Weald, Ivychurch, Deal, Benenden, Ramsgate, Sevenoaks, Folkestone, and the RAF Chapel at Biggin Hill. They will probably all be flying the St George flag from the flagpole at the top of their tower or spire […]

The Abandoned Shopping Trolley

Charlotte Lebon
Shopping trolley abandoned at roadside

Behold… the shopping trolley
From those decades when world-wide supply chains
Delivered just-in-time to supermarket shelves
Glistening with plastic-wrapped food.

Margate Twinned With Yalta

Charlotte Lebon
Livadia Palace, Yalta, Crimea

Margate was twinned with Yalta in 1945. Stalin and Churchill were in Yalta for a conference in the closing months of World War II. Stalin suggested Yalta should be twinned with Brighton. Churchill rejected Brighton but suggested Margate instead.

Mother Tongue

Charlotte Lebon
Fresco in Rochester Cathedral: Baptism of Christ and of men of Kent

If the original inhabitants of Kent spoke brythonic, an ancestor of Welsh, why is it that their mother tongue became English?


Charlotte Lebon
Partygate meme

Partygate: Kent Bylines has been collecting the memes on the theme which have been circulating on social media.