Author: Andy Pye

Andy Pye (b.1954) is a graduate in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, specialising in Metallurgy and Materials Science. He is an experienced technical writer and editor, specialising in engineering and automation, working both online and in print. Prior to this, he worked for a materials engineering consultancy, where he became a world authority on asbestos substitute materials, wiriting several books and lecturing internationally. In 1999, Andy co-founded Pro-Talk, a groundbreaking startup e-publishing business, which was bought as a thriving business by Centaur Publishing in 2006. Andy was inactive in politics prior to the Brexit referendum. He has spent his entire adult life promoting the skills of UK manufacturing on the international stage and is devastated at how easily this is being risked by ideologues. Andy is also a keen cricketer and plays both open-age club cricket and Over 60s county cricket for Kent. He is experienced in recreational sports club and league management, having been Chairman of several clubs and leagues in the Kent area. Andy is married, with two bilingual grown-up children, His daughter is a singer-songwriter and his son works for the NHS.


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a photo of food

Did the menu of the recent dinner held in Brussels by Ursula von der Leyen for Boris Johnson feature hidden messages for the guest?


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Scrooge character in armchair.

12 Benefits of Brexit, one for each of the Twelve Nights of Christmas


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The Covid virus under a scanning electron microcope (SEM)

When might you be offered a vaccination against Covid? A number of online calculators are springing up to provide an estimate.