Cross-channel Alerts

You want to keep your Waters? OK keep your Fish

This is the placard (in English) which angry French fisherman erected on Thursday night when they blocked access to the Boulogne fish market for British lorries and ships. They also blocked the phytosanitary inspection office (SIVEP)which since Brexit all British fish importers are legally required to visit for their goods to be inspected.

They are angry because many of them (46) have not yet received the licence from the British authorities to fish in the coastal zone from which they used to get 60% of their catch. Their leader, Oliver Lepretre declared “The resource is abundant..we demand that regulation be relaxed”.

Read what the local paper says about this (La Voix du Nord is in French) and see pictures of this demonstration

Calais: l’État reconduit l’arrêté pour empêcher la distribution de repas aux migrants(No feeding of migrants allowed in the town centre of Calais)

The authorities have just renewed a ban, for reasons of public health and also to prevent regroupings of migrants.  Only one organisation, La Vie, is allowed to distribute food to migrants, and they handed out an average of 967 meals per day in February.

Calais: le Secours catholique et l’évêque d’Arras s’indignent contre la politique migratoire The Bishop of Arras and the head of Secours Catholique are condemning the sudden night closure of a church-run shelter for vulnerable migrants. “In France, we treat our pets better than the rights of migrants” said the Bishop. The head of SC added: “They are very much here and they are human beings.” This happened alongside the dismantling of migrant camps. There is also news of more arrests of migrants on the shore where they were scoping out launching sites.