Issue 4 – 8 March 2021 – celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women across the world

The first Soroptimist club was set up, by 80 women, 100 years ago (1921) in California to improve the rights and status of women in a male dominated world.

Sevenoaks Soroptimists – getting up takes a little longer!

Magdalena Williams

Sevenoaks Soroptimists are restoring the Vine Sensory garden and surrounds. Last year, they started work on restoring the herb garden

Peace-weaving princesses

In the early Anglo-Saxon era , “double houses”, were for both males and females dedicated to life in a religious order.

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Mum: want healthy snacks for the kids? Why not make your own?

Nimisha Raja, creator of Nims Fruit Crisps, says that the idea for her product came from a desire to infiltrate the‘food on the move’ market

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Seeking Writers for Spring Equinox issue

Nature: Could you write up to 300 words on what you observe about nature in your patch of Kent this springtide? Birds, insects, animals, budding plants and trees- any or all, closely observed and described. Even better if you could send some copyright-free pics too.

The Budget: Now the Chancellor has delivered the budget, if you have any personal stories from Kent about how any of his proposals affects you, please let us know. For example, it would be interesting to hear from a Margate resident how best the town should spend the £22.2m about to be granted to it.

The Census: this is reaching households. Can anyone write on the importance of the census to political decisions? Or to analyse some EU citizen or migration statistics?

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Post-Covid education: let’s get the foundations right

Not enough has been written about the lockdown impact on the education for our very youngest pupils. Can we postpone the academic stuff?

Honeybee imports from the EU – another casualty of Brexit?

Honeybee imports from the EU – another casualty of Brexit?

NHS Reforms Part 1: too many new dawns, too many inefficiencies

Successive governments have implemented change upon change, in every area of the NHS, in an effort to make it more cost effective

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Jackie Weaver, we salute you

Jackie Weaver’s now infamous Handforth Parish Council meeting, laid bare the sometimes-toxic underbelly of parochial politics.

Newly published

Wildwood Spring Opening


Are Whitstable oysters tanking?


UK Green Roof subsidy programme collapses in tatters


Save the oaks


Help the Canterbury Soroptimists find the local Inspirational Women of 2021

Help the Canterbury Soroptimists find the Inspirational Woman of 2021


Guston Inland Border Clearance site: Dover and Deal Lib Dems slam government

Dover and Deal Lib Dem chair, Roben Franklin, has joined other local parties in its wholehearted opposition to the Guston Inland Border Clearance site

Should the town own the Port of Dover?

Should the town own the Port of Dover

Budget aims for a straighforward and serious outcome

Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a straightforward and serious budget today, thumping the despatch box audibly as he went.

Amazon publishing – get as good at marketing as writing!

Self-publishing authors have to get just as good at advertising and marketing, as they are at writing.

Lullaby Beach

Lullaby Beach by Stella Duffy tackles coastal over-development and greed, rape, violence, gender inequality, revenge, race and “Me Too.”